IPERION'S HOTEL archontiko extra virgin olive oil


Archontiko Virgin Olive Oil


The Kontaxakis family is engaged in the production of Archontiko extra virgin olive oil for many years. In particular, cultivation of the Koroneiki olive tree variety, which the experts are saying is producing the best quality oil. The philosophy of respect for nature, the land and its people is passing down from generation to generation. We are involving in the entire process from the olive harvest to pressing and bottling. That is a main reason why we are able to personally guarantee its superb quality and assure you of the many benefits of our olive oil. The olive groves’ location is near the village of Archontiki, 20km west of Rethymno, in the direction of Chania. It consists of 450 olive trees which produce top quality extra virgin olive oil every year.


Known as the core of the Mediterranean diet, the properties of the olive oil are regularly praised by many people, experts and otherwise. The truth is that olive oil is much more than this. Beneath the sacred olive tree lies an ancient culture. A culture of humanity, kindness, as well as hard work, patience, loyalty and respect for the land.

You can find it in the hotel’s restaurant, where you can sample the rich flavor with the company of your friends or family.


It also makes a lovely gift or souvenir for you and your friends or family.


Archontiko extra virgin olive oil is available at the reception desk in bottles of 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml.
Ask our staff, they will be happy to help you with any questions you might have!