REFRESHING DRINKS accompanied by relaxing music



Refreshing drinks and aromatic coffee at Iperion’s Beach Bar in Rethymno

What could be better than a place next to the sandy shores of Rethymno in a minimal and relaxing atmosphere. Under the blue sky next to the crystal clear water and golden sand is set Iperion’s Beach Bar in Rethymno. Enjoy your favorite cocktail, an aromatic coffee or a refreshing drink. Let your senses to a new journey at Iperion’s Hotel beach bar. Accompanied by relaxing music and the gentle sounds of the Cretan sea, together with your loved ones.


With all-day fancy and refreshing drinks, fresh juices & cocktails, our beach bar will enhance your time by the beach into a wonderful experience. The high quality service will additionally offer you unique moments of true relaxation and serenity by the beach.


With our beach services you need to simply order at our staff  and let us serve you on your sunbed or lounger.