A massage experience to the sounds of the waves!


Welcome to a world of beauty and recreation. Your journey to the total relaxation and well-being begins with an unforgettable massage experience. Embark on a magical journey of senses through the sounds of nature while you discover your hidden inner glow. Follow the flavors of Eden, feel the energy and enjoy the summer feeling. Are you ready to experience the rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit?


In Ancient Greece,sports and medicine experienced their growth. Massage was an indispensable element in the care of athletes. Therefore they recognized massage as a science, because they believed that it is easier for people to guard against a disease than to treat it. Keeping yet the same belief , we promise you an unparalleled blend of experiences that will make your worries and anxieties vanish. You may just let your well-being in our hands.


You may choose between relaxing  or therapeutic anti-stress massage treatments. Having your treatment inside your room in a special massage bed.


Our Reception staff will assist you to select the most suitable massage experience with the most reasonable offer possible.