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Carefree summer moments at Iperion’s Beach Bar in Rethymno

There exists a place where you enjoy yourself so much that you lose track of time. Walk towards our hotel’s golden sands to discover the Iperion beach bar in Rethymno. Next to the crystalline waters, with a cool yet unpretentious ambience, this is the spot where you’ll be making the memories that’ll mark your Cretan escape.

Premium Location

Embrace the sun-soaked serenity and the sea breeze; soothe your thirst with a sophisticated cocktail or artisan coffee; let your body gently sway to the sounds of soft music; enjoy the lulling lapping of the waves; stay until sunset to watch the fiery spectacle with a loved one by your side. 

Our discreet but attentive staff is at your service – ask them to bring your drinks to your sunbed should you wish.

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