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The Iperion Beachfront Family Hotel in Rethymno with sun loungers and umbrellas as seen from the sea

Crete is a magical land where natural beauty is suffused with history and myths: from sugar-fine sandy beaches and cobalt blue seas to dramatic gorges and Eden-like plains; and from world-class museums to high-octane fun parks, traditional villages, ancient towns, fairy-tale caves and mystical castles. Whether you are into outdoorsy active fun; seeking to uncover age-old mysteries; looking to get immersed into the local rhythms and cadences; or simply yearning to unwind and work on your tan; Greece’s largest island is your top choice for a holiday that’ll leave you with many inspirational tales to tell.

Dubbed “Crete’s hidden jewel”, Rethymno sits between the imposing bastions of its 16th-century Fortezza and the gleaming waters of the Aegean. Sights and attractions are aplenty – and as captivating as they are unique. Since 1400 BC, the Minoans, the Venetians, the Turks and the Cretans have all left their indelible mark on a city that’s brimming with old-world charm. Get lost in the maze-like lanes of the beautifully preserved Venetian-Ottoman quarter – from elegant wood-balconied houses, to ornate monuments and the occasional minaret, you’ll have plenty to capture with your camera and just as many that’ll sparkle your imagination.

Rethymno, though, is much more than an open-air museum of architecture. With a robust student population, Crete’s third-largest town has a vibrant eating and drinking scene, with a selection of perky bars, quaint cafes and restaurants that showcase the fabled local gastronomy.

And while it is a year-round destination, the city truly comes alive during the summer, with a host of events and celebrations that aim to introduce visitors to the Cretan way of life. One of the most important is the Renaissance Festival, held with a view to preserving and promoting the town’s cultural heritage. Also, the Cretan Diet Festival that features the authentic local flavours that the island is famous for.

In addition, Rethymno boasts its own Riviera – Crete’s longest sandy beach stretching from the main marina to the city’s suburbs for some 22 Km. This is the privileged location of the Iperion. Our Rethymno sea view hotel is set on a prime beachfront estate, 2.5 km away from the town’s historic centre, offering the opportunity for exciting new discoveries and long, leisurely walks on the promenade at sunset.

The Iperion Hotel location, situated nearly at the heart of Crete, offers an ideal position for various explorations throughout the island.

Points of interest:

  • 30 m. Mini market
  • 100m. Water sports
  • 100m. restaurants
  • 200m. supermarket
  • 250m. pharmacy
  • 800m. ATM
  • 1,1km. National Road
  • 2,4 km. Center
  • 75km. Chania Airport
  • 80km. Heraklion Airport
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